Our Cows


Nice, small and with a mind of its own!

Our cows are quit small in size but plentiful in what they give! Their milk is high in carotene resulting in a double amount of vitamins and minerals in our cheeses as compared to ”normal” cheese.  This gives it a lot more flavour and an extra creamy taste!


Natural stock of minerals!

Our cows may keep their horns, which, because of their natural stock of minerals, contributes significantly to the bacteria levels in their milk. By staying as close to nature as possible, we create a unique cheese that exceeds all expectations for purity!


From organic pastures

Our cows get the best nature can offer them. Our Jersey Cows are grazing in the most scenic areas of Goeree-Overflakkee. Natural herbs and clovers provide natural resistance and the purest of milks. We enjoy giving our cows a healthy diet and you can certainly taste the difference!