Our cheese


“De Gorzen”

Organic Jersey Cheese 8 weeks matured

This young matured kind of cheese is particularly creamy and packed with vitamins. The name ”De Gorzen” refers to parts of alluvial land that are used as pasture land. This land may be flooded at high tide.  In  Goeree-Overflakkee you will find this natural phenomenon in several places.


“De Platenaar”

Organic Jersey Cheese 16 weeks matured.

This is a matured Jersey Cheese with of a biological nature. The cheese was left to age for 16 weeks on wooden shelfs. The name ”De Platenaar” refers to the mud flats which can be found along the island and which were re-claimed from the sea.


“De Dieken”

Organic Jersey Cheese 26 weeks matured

De Dieken is an organic extra matured cheese. The cheese aged for 26 weeks without being touched. The taste is unbeatable. Powerful and very creamy.The name ”The Dieken” refers to the dikes along the island Goeree-Overflakkee which were built to keep the feet of the people in the are dry at high tide.

This cheese has won two GOLDEN stars at the Great Taste Awards 2013 for its sublime flavour. An independent jury reviewed annually judges on products for quality and taste awards products that are definitely worth tasting! The jury made the following comments on Jersey Farm De Dieken Cheese: “A full nutty flavour, well balanced, with the creaminess of Jersey milk, delicious!”